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All construction solicitors are not the same

There are many firms of commercial solicitors that offer advice in the area of construction and engineering law. Many of these firms have set up "construction departments" or "units" to add credibility to such service. However, the fact remains that in most cases the people that actually give the advice are just solicitors; they are often people who have never ever set foot on a construction site, never mind had any experience of actually working on one - "at Moore & Co. this is not the case".

At Moore & Co. Construction Solicitors we believe that you cannot really give clients the best legal advice unless as well as understanding the law relating to their particular requirement or problem you can also understand the practical and commercial aspects surrounding the same. In short, we believe that the best advice is advice that looks not just at the law but at the practical and commercial implications of the advice given to the client and its business - "

At Moore & Co. we believe we offer such advice". At Moore & Co we have what we believe is a unique policy regarding the solicitors and staff we employ. We only employ solicitors who are dual-qualified in another construction profession and/or have actually worked in the construction and engineering industries prior to coming in to law - "We believe this is what make Moore & Co Construction Solicitors different from all other law firm in the U.K."