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Construction Adjudication ? Referring a Dispute


What is a ?Dispute or Difference??

Moore & Co. have a wealth of experience in acting for clients involved in Construction Adjudication proceedings. Jurisdictional ar...

Bias and Impartiality


A look at what amounts to the bias and impartiality in adjudication proceedings

“That’s a Foul Referee!” Those of you, who follow sport, and particular football, will doubtlessly be familiar with the above words. I suspect al...

Construction Adjudication Proceedings


Adjudication under the Spotlight

Statutory adjudication in the construction industry has now been with us for over six years. The general consensus is that it is working well as a qui...

Dispute Avoidance


It is not uncommon for construction projects to be accompanied by ‘sideshows’ in the form of disputes between the various parties involved. The constr...

Letters of Intent


Good Intentions

Phillip Fry offers tips to help you avoid disputes on construction and engineering projects…. “A VERBAL contract isn’t worth the pap...

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