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Latest News:

Sectional Completion


The necessity to clearly define the Works within each Section

The recent case of Taylor Woodrow Holdings Limited and George Wimpey (Southern) Limited v. Barnes & Elliott Limited [2004] EWHCS 3319 (TCC) ...

Third Party Contributions


When is it appropriate to share liability

It is often the case that proceedings are issued against a party for breach of contract and/or negligence, however that party may only be partly to ...

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Commercial litigation- Agreements to negotiate


Could the obligation to negotiate in good faith be enforceable?

In the recent case of Petromec Inc v Petroleo Brasileiro SA, 15 July 2005, the Court of Appeal considered the issue whether an express obligation to n ...

Arbitration- Joinder of arbitration


Appointment of a single arbitrator to deal with disputes

In the recent case of City & General (Holborn) Ltd v AYH plc, 29 September 2005, the Technology and Construction Court addressed the issues of whe ...

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