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Moore & Co. Construction Solicitors.

About Us

Moore & Co are a leading 'niche' firm of construction solicitors based in Manchester and London, U.K. that specialise exclusively in construction law, engineering law and construction adjudication. The firm acts for and advises a wide range of clients throughout the U.K. and Europe from Funders, Employers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors through to construction professionals such as Architects, Engineers and Surveyors.

Moore & Co. provide high-quality and genuinely specialist advice on any aspect of construction law and engineering law from tender and procurement advice through to advice on construction contracts and related project documentation such as professionla appointments and bonds etc. Also, if problems occur, we have particular expertise in representing and advising clients on any aspect of dispute resolution from Negotiation and Mediation through to Construction Arbitration, Construction Litigation and especially Construction Adjudication.

Unlike ordinary solicitors, by specialising 'only' in construction and engineering law, Moore & Co. Construction Solicitors are able to offer clients genuinely specialist advice on any aspect of construction or engineering law. In addition to this, at Moore & Co. we believe we are in fact 'unique' in the UK by virtue of our policy of only employing solicitors who are dual-qualified both in law and in another construction profession - "specialist construction solicitors who have actually worked in the construction industry prior to coming into law". We are people who you can talk to and relate to.

At Moore & Co. we also believe in building long term relationships with our clients. This is why despite offering truly specialist advice, we charge extremely competitive rates that are on average 30-40% less than the rates charged by our competitors in other leading commercial law firms - "High quality legal advice that actually costs less not more".